The Lighthouse

Bringing a concept store’s shopping and culinary experiences online.

Design | Digital | Art Direction

The Lighthouse is a concept store in Dubai Design District that offers curated shopping and culinary experiences. The shop offers a variety of hand-picked design objects such as tech and personal accessories, gifts for the home, children’s toys, books, and stationery. The kitchen, led by superstar chef Izu Ani, offers fusion Mediterranean food made with the highest quality ingredients and sophisticated combinations.

For their website, The Lighthouse wanted to translate these physical experiences into the digital world. The shopping experience had to be simple, user-centric, and needed to be the thread that held together all other aspects of the store (restaurant, events, etc…). One of the challenges was to make sure the user journey helped visitors explore both offerings, the shop and the restaurant. The journey was designed with this strategy in mind, allowing visitors to seamlessly travel between restaurant and store. Elements of their branding were taken as a basis to create web-specific assets so that the brand experience was augmented digitally. The result was a custom-made website that translated the physical experience and enriched the brand.