I’m a problem-solver. A designer.

A thinker. A music addict.

A coffee lover. A maker of things.

That’s pretty much it. But if you want the longer version, keep reading.


I’m a problem-solver. A designer. A thinker. A music addict. A coffee lover. A maker of things. That’s pretty much it. But if you want the longer version, keep reading.

Quick overview

I’ve worked in large international agencies since I graduated from York University’s Design Honors Program. As a designer at Siegel+Gale Dubai, I’ve collaborated with some of the best branding experts worldwide, and gained expertise both on the strategy and the creative sides of branding. It’s also where my passion with telling engaging brand stories started. My involvement in high profile projects with clients such as Qtel, Dow, Aramco, and Du, helped me build strategic thinking skills, applicable throughout any design process.

I then moved on to join the advertising industry, and worked for OgilvyAction and Lowe Mena, where I had the opportunity to be brand guardian of Coca-Cola and Bloomingdale’s – Dubai, respectively. I’ve had the privilege to lead and manage design teams on high-profile pitches and government initiatives. And while these experiences had a lot to teach me, I realized that the agency structure and rigid division of roles was not working for me.

I’m interested in too many aspects of the creative work, and no agency structure was going to give me the freedom to do what I do best.

I love words. I love ideas. I love design. I love simplifying complex information. I love problem-solving. I love strategy. I love working closely with clients. I love intelligent messaging. I love branding. I love process.

The only way for me to be able to put on all these different hats, build relationships with clients, and work on the things I enjoy, was for me to do it on my own. It was also the only way I could follow a process I believed in, and take the time to explore and experiment, two things that are non-existent in a get-it-done-get-it-out agency environment.

This is why I don’t take on narrow briefs. If you’re not sure what your needs are, or better yet, not sure how to define your problem, then you’ve come to the right place.

What you can expect

Process-led Design

Unlike an agency, where the priority is to get things done and out the door very quickly, I spend as much time necessary to make sure I’ve explored every possible direction.

Single Point of Contact

I love to collaborate with others. Depending on the project, I’ll work with web developers, copywriters, or production specialists to get the work done to the highest standard. I’ll refine, amend, and approve everything before it even gets to you. You only deal with me, I’ll handle everything else.

Dedication + Diligence

I worked very hard to build a name for myself in the industry. It’s very important to me that each client gets the attention and time they deserve. I wouldn’t jeopardize this for any reason. If I’m fully-booked, I’ll let you know. You can be sure I won’t “squeeze” anything in.

No B.S. Policy

I understand some designers believe whatever they do is the “coolest ever”, but I’m my own worst critic. If I haven’t cracked it yet, you won’t see it. Full stop.

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