Playful luxury

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Castamira is a new swimwear line from Jamaica, focusing on one-piece designs. The creative force behind the brand, model and designer Chantel Davis, was set to create something different: she believed a confident woman was one who was comfortable in her own skin, no matter how much or little she showed. She wanted to go back to times when one-piece bathing suits were cool, and the women who wore them did so with such ease and playfulness that it made them all the more attractive.

Castamira needed a logo, a brand, but mostly, a point of view. It was a bold move in today’s show-more-skin instagram-ready world. The branding needed to reflect this by conveying an attitude without losing the playfulness Chantel was trying to re-inject in the fashion industry. The design took what was most iconic about the brand, the focus on one-pieces, and played up their geometric shapes to create graphically striking illustrations. It conveyed a coolness and playfulness true to the brand’s point of view. The logo, a customized typographic wordmark, brought sobriety to the colorful identity. The result was a perfect balance of premium and cheeky, a reflection of Castamira’s personality.

Logo and visual identity system