To My Daughter: My Not So Glamorous Path to Resilience and Growth

Capturing a woman’s struggle
to her higher self.

Lettering | Design | Art Direction

Samia Bouazza’s book is about her struggle to live through and overcome anxiety. A book dedicated to her newborn daughter, she wanted her readers to feel uplifted by her story. Her journey ends in a place of acceptance and inner-strength, and the design had to reflect that balance between the difficult path, and the beautiful ending.

The cover design took advantage of the long title to create a graphic quality to the lettering. The hand-drawn sensibility conveys a sense of difficulty in a lighthearted way. The letters intentionally sit awkwardly, fighting for space, to capture the not-so-easy journey. In contrast, “To My Daughter”, sits in the middle of the cover, in pink, to convey what’s at the center—literally—of the journey: hope, love and an optimistic future.