Stoli Social Sketches

Work done for OgilvyAction

Stolichnaya’s Social Sketches Nights.

Reflecting diversity of talents through photomontage.

Design | Event Branding

As the world’s most original vodka, Stoli wanted to put together a social event that is genuinely different than your usual night out in Dubai. OgilvyAction created Stoli Social Sketches, a series of events where people could come socialize, watch unusual live shows and discover their hidden talents by sketching out the performances taking place on stage. From burlesque dancers to quirky mimes, the Stoli nights are a mixture of unexpectedness and eccentricity. The event identity needed to be unique, lively, and appeal to a creative audience.

The design solution was found in photomontage, which reflected the diversity of talents and skills throughout the shows and resonated well with our target audience. The key visual was easily applied on different formats by making use of cropping and scale. By maintaining the correct balance between visual and white space, I was able to create an event identity that was smoothly applied to everything from stage backdrop to cushions, sketch pads to pencils, without losing consistency or compromising liveliness.

Key visual and event collateral