The Modern Chimera

Personal project

Raising awareness about Human Chimeras
through dystopian visuals.

Design | Event Branding | Logo | Art Direction

The Modern Chimera consists of a colloquium along with a supporting exhibition meant to educate the general public about human-animal chimeras. The controversial technology behind this fuses human with animal stem-cells, resulting in chimeras that surely benefit pharmaceutical research, but raise serious social concerns about the ethical implications involved. The experiments pose an essential question: where do we draw the line to preserve human dignity?

The event’s visual language heavily relies on imagery of models—embodying human pride and confidence—morphing into various animals and resulting in disturbing depictions of human-animal chimeras. The communication is consistently divided in two parts, one that holds the imagery, and one that knocks it out to hold the typography. This idea of duality and complementarity is inherent to the subject matter, where the distinctly separate human and animal worlds start to intersect.

Side by side posters and event collateral

Closeups of chimeras created