Project Etoiles Concert

Work done for Etoiles Nightclub

Three days of clubbing, music, and world-class performances brought to Du Forum Abu Dhabi.

Design | Event Branding | Digital

Etoiles Nightclub approached us, (my good friend and brilliant fellow designer) Dana Taha and I, to help them with the branding of their Race Weekend 2014 event: Project Etoiles. Three days of clubbing, music and world-class performances to be brought to du forum in order to accommodate race-goers on Yas Island.

We wanted the branding to reflect what the event was about: club feel, contemporary, loud – but with a hint of Formula 1 race graphics. The result was a flexible grid that threaded together all the different elements of the identity, a bold color palette that helped posters and signage stand out day and night, and a dynamic typography that adapted to every single format and worked around the imagery.


Main key visual
Posters and flyers for each night
Coupons and wristbands
Website design
Facebook page

Venue Collateral (menu, napkins, t-shirts, etc…)
LED screen graphics
Onsite Branding (tent projection and surrounding banners)
Exterior Signage on Yas Island
TicketMaster and Du promotional graphics

Event key visual and collateral

Web design and social media

On-site branding