Kaikini Bikinis

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How closing in on Hawaiian fauna and flora helped create a unique brand identity.

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Kaikini Bikinis is a high-end women swimwear brand that prides itself on the superior craftsmanship of its bikinis, and designs that are both fashionable and functional. The label caters specifically to water-sports women enthusiasts who are looking for swim attire that is both fit for physical activity and distinctive in style. The client wanted to rebrand in order to convey a more luxurious feel, and position the brand as a global player. That being said, the origins of the company, Hawaii (Kauai, specifically) was not to be ignored. The fact that the bikinis were made on the island brought a lot of pride.

I wanted to leverage this very aspect of the label, and believed it had a lot to offer in terms of visuals. Thorough research into the Hawaiian landscape led to focus on the specific fauna and flora of the region. They were colorful, diverse and bold, all relevant attributes to the brand idea, “Styled for Adventure”. By using them as the basis of the visual language, I was able to create a recognizable, own-able look for the brand that stayed true to its Hawaiian origins. To counteract the playfulness of the system and bring in the premium feel, the logo was kept simple and elegant, crafted with typography that played on the shapes of the letterforms. The result was a premium-looking fashion label that conveyed style, adventure, and a connection to the island.


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