Work done for Siegel + Gale, finalist option

A petrochemical embraces
the best of both worlds.

Design | Branding | Typography | Logo Design

Bringing specialty petrochemical production to the Kingdom, Sadara will transform the future of Saudi for generations to come. A massive joint venture between Dow and Aramco, Sadara combines the best of both parents: regional resources with western expertise, local networks with global marketing, crude oil production with specialty materials manufacturing.

The concept for this direction addresses the idea of integration, as Sadara needs to clearly articulate what it does best: integrate the best of both worlds to create added value, and better performance. The Kufi-inspired style reinforces this idea visually, enabling English and Arabic to seamlessly embrace each other to create a unique marque. The use of an elaborate green palette ensures a visual tie to Saudi. The final result is a strong, solid identity that reflects the company’s scale, impact, and essence.

Moodboard and sketches

Final marque and visual system

Competitive landscape