Montana Nano

Work done for OgilvyAction

Introducing the Nano: packaging for a younger and hip audience, without losing brand equity.

Design | Branding | Packaging

Providing a good smoke at a value-for-money price set, the Montana brand is a well established tobacco offering within the Iranian market. With the competition offering more attractive packs and more variants, Montana offered only two variants and was thought of as “old and outdated” by its target audience. The client was about to introduce a new variant to the market, the Nano: a slim full- flavor, appealing to a 25- to 35- year old unisex audience.
The look and feel needed to instill modernity, create a talk-able story, and convey progressiveness while remaining true to those brand elements that held most equity.

After closer inspection of the Montana elements, it was clear that brand equity laid in the yellow triangle. It had to be at the core of the story that Nano would tell. By creating a pattern of triangles and emphasizing on the top 3, I managed to take a single simple shape and tell a story of movement, progression, and forward-thinking. Throughout the touchpoints, the triangles were allowed to freely shift away from their grid, always pointing to the top left where one solid triangle consistently brought the composition to a balance.

Process / exploration overview

Final Nano pack with Montana family

Sales team collateral

Point-of-sale retail and display boxes