Work done for Ogilvy Action

Creating a visual system across different channels. Targeting teens with Energetic Refreshment.

Design | Art Direction

Coca-Cola approached OgilvyAction with the need to adapt their existing Shake Up Your Senses visual identity system to communicate precisely to teenage shoppers in different channels and zones. We were asked to develop their shopper marketing strategy and design a toolkit that is in line with the existing VIS and answers to the platform “Energetic Refreshment”.

This being a global toolkit, it naturally needed to be ultra-flexible to allow end-markets to dial elements up or down and respond to cultural needs.

After a thorough audit of the VIS elements and Coke library, we identified a selection of items that were relevant to our teenage shoppers. We carefully constructed layouts that conveyed energy and refreshment and answered the needs of each of our main shopper channels and zones. The design of the KVs was logically broken down to simple elements to ensure the look and feel would be consistent throughout end-markets. We then applied the visuals on relevant POSM and created a toolkit that explained the shopper journey and how it relates to the designs.


Energetic Refreshment







34 Key visuals (zone- and channel- specific)
100 POSM (flats and in-situ) 200+ Page guidelines

Convenience channel
Key visuals and POSM

Traditional channel
Key visuals and POSM

Toolkit pages